Wells Fargo’s 3D Digital Float “Lucky Ox”

Wells Fargo 3D Render

Wells Fargo happily ushers in the Year of the Ox and its symbolic significance -positivity, honesty and luck derived from working together for prosperity.

The Ox is known to be the rock for its family and community. You can see our lucky Ox perched on a lily pad, a perfect vantage point to watch over families and friends coming together to enjoy the beautiful spring day. Notice the patch of bright flowers, which are symbols of luck, and that impressive pagoda standing tall behind it representing strength and good fortune. Our lucky Ox holds an iconic symbol of three gold coins -perhaps ready to throw them in the pond to wish for good health and wealth. Wells Fargo wishes for us all to enjoy a new year where we work together and enjoy an abundance of luck, happiness and prosperity.

2021 Wells Fargo “Lucky Ox” – Float Concept by Stephanie Mufson; 3D Animation by Scott Franklin