Bank of America’s 3D Digital Float “Illuminating the Year of the Ox”

Bank of America 3D Render

The Bank of America float sets this year’s celebratory animal among rolling hills and clouds to signify good fortune for the Year of the Ox. Captured in stride through decorative fretwork resembling the symbol of good luck, the Ox exemplifies new beginnings by taking a step into the new year for a fresh start. Ushering in warmth and light after the cold, dark winter, floating lanterns illuminate the world giving a sense of hope, optimism, and promise. The numerous scrolls rising above and beyond the base are filled with messages of well wishes and blessings for the new year.

Bank of America wishes everyone good fortune and happiness in the year of the Ox!

2021 Bank of America “Illuminating the Year of the Ox” – Float Concept by Stephanie Mufson; 3D Animation by Scott Franklin