Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s 3D Digital Float “An Emblem of Beauty, Grace, and Opportunity”

Thunder Valley Casino Resort 3D Render

Every year, the newly selected Miss Chinatown USA and her court ride the magnificent Queen’s Float. Although the competition did not take place this year, Thunder Valley Casino Resort recognizes the importance of this time-honored tradition and has brought the Queen’s Float to digital life. What started over 60 years ago as a chance for young women to achieve recognition and open doors to jobs in entertainment and journalism, Miss Chinatown USA remains an emblem of beauty, grace, and opportunity. 

The giant replica of the Queen’s sparkling crown sits on a bed of celebratory red roses. Glittering phoenixes – a traditional symbol of the Empress of China – adorn the sides of the float with regal splendor. At the top of the steps sits the Queen’s golden throne, with intricate details and lavishly decorated with roses.

Thunder Valley Casino Resorts wishes you good fortune, good health, and good times in the year of the Ox.

2021 Thunder Valley Casino Resort “An Emblem of Beauty, Grace, and Opportunity” – Float Concept by Stephanie Mufson, 3D Animation by Scott Franklin