Lucky California’s 3D Digital Float “Wishes for a Fruitful New Year”

Lucky California 3D Render

The Lucky California float pays homage to the traditions of the Kitchen God. Often associated with the soul of the home, rituals surrounding the all-seeing and all-hearing domestic deity are carried out to represent the warmth of the hearth, family, and good fortune for the new year. The float is adorned with an abundance of oranges, dragon fruit, and mangosteen symbolizing good luck, prosperity, and wealth. Plum blossom branches embellish columns of floating red lanterns to represent purity, perseverance, and the auspicious five blessings. Pouring teapots symbolizes respect, family, and hospitality.

Lucky California wishes you and your family health, happiness, and good fortune in the Year of the Ox

2021 Lucky California “Wishes for a fruitful New Year” – Float Concept by Stephanie Mufson; 3D Animation by Scott Franklin