Forging ahead with Resilience

1987SL 087 Chung Ngai Dance Troupe at Union Square
1987SL 087 Chung Ngai Dance Troupe at Union Square

Most roads lead men homewards,

My road leads me forth. 

– John Masefield: a Tiger

The year of the Ox was a year of perseverance. Our community has worked hard to combat the many challenges this pandemic has brought to light, and not once did our fortitude waver. We came together with our collective voices, rallied, petitioned, and stood up for what we believed in. 

There were many acts of unity and commitment to supporting our community during such uncertain times. San Franciscans organized weekly meal deliveries to support Chinatown restaurants and volunteered to walk with the elderly to help prevent anti-Asian attacks. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce organized community meetings to educate the public on COVID-19, rallied against anti-Asian hate crimes, and provided monetary grants to help restaurateurs build parklets and rented barricades to protect the outdoor dining area. These were just a few examples of how our community came together and persevered. We persisted, and we continue to do so.

As we prepare to bid farewell to the year of the Ox, we reflect upon the grit, hard work, and clarity the year has taught us and roar back with resilience as we welcome in the year of the Tiger.

We’re excited to forge ahead and go back to in-person festivities. As we continue to navigate this transitional time and find a slice of normalcy, we are inspired and encouraged by our community’s resilience. As part of this year’s Featured Stories, we ask you to submit stories about your favorite memories and experiences with us as well as stories on how you’ve contributed to the strength of your community. Share with us how you and your community plan on roaring back in the Year of the Tiger. We’d love to hear your stories and have the opportunity to share them with the community. 

Please email us your story at and a picture we can share on our platforms.

May the spirit of the Tiger inspire strength, fearlessness, and optimism in the year 2022. 

Gung Hay Fat Choy!