Cruise in the Community

20210407 BaxTowner Cruise CamA CHINATOWN 707356 2
20210407 BaxTowner Cruise CamA CHINATOWN 707356 2

At Cruise, we’re excited to celebrate the Year of the Tiger in our hometown of San Francisco, and also recognize the resiliency of our community in the face of recent challenges. As an all-electric, autonomous vehicle (AV) company, we believe that AVs aren’t just a future promise. They can also serve the urgent needs of our communities, today. 

When the pandemic’s shelter-in-place requirements began in March 2020 and food insecurity skyrocketed, we knew it was important to support our community, so we decided to use our fleet to help those in need. We reached out to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank and SF New Deal to see if we could help scale the amount of food they provide to San Franciscans and support small businesses.

Through these partnerships, our all-electric, self-driving vehicles have delivered more than 1.9 million meals (and counting!). Today, we continue to partner with the Food Bank and SF New Deal as food insecurity continues to be a daily concern for many of our neighbors.

But we didn’t want to stop there, as we knew we had a rare opportunity to infuse social impact into our company DNA right from the beginning. This led us to launch Cruise for Good, our dedicated social impact program. The mission of Cruise for Good is to connect and support communities where and when we are needed most. 

At the heart of Cruise for Good is our commitment to pledge 1% of our self-driving fleet to serving local communities in need — not just here in San Francisco, but everywhere Cruise goes. By joining the Pledge 1% movement, our commitment to our communities grows and scales with us, helping communities be resilient no matter what comes their way.

We’re excited to explore the different ways in which our vehicles can make a difference, and we’re glad to be working with local partners to serve the urgent needs of our communities today and into the future. Cruise for Good represents the best of what our advanced technology is capable of — helping our neighbors in San Francisco, especially people and small businesses underserved by the limitations of transportation today, all without polluting our air.

As we celebrate the Year of the Tiger and reflect on the resiliency of our community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cruise is committed to supporting our neighbors and ensuring we have a positive impact in our city as we shape our future together. 

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