Lucky California: A Neighborhood Tradition

lee 5572
lee 5572

The Chinese New Year Flower Market Fair and Parade is an honored tradition for San Franciscans, and Lucky California employees have been a part of the celebration for decades. “It never fails to dazzle the senses”, says Randy Sentachi, former store manager for Lucky California. Randy tells the story of the beautifully intricate floats making their way toward San Francisco’s Chinatown, “It was a part of my life for 19 years. The Lucky float always featured auspicious fruits and the Chinese kitchen god, and I remember our team members being genuinely excited about decorating the store, wearing traditional gowns, and proudly riding on our float. One team member would volunteer to help others apply their makeup, and then they would take pictures around the store. Our customers looked forward to it every year.”  

The Lucky California Sloat Blvd. store team also honors the Lunar New Year by starting long before the sun rises, preparing for the festival by counting the number of blooms on each available plant to ensure they bring good fortune.

This year, the team will introduce the Harvester Tiger at our Lucky California Sloat Blvd. store. The tiger honors the Guardian Spirit of Agriculture and is said to bring good fortune and abundance to all who greet her. 19-year old artist, Deyi (Robin) Zhao designed the Harvester Tiger to feature the plum tree bearing auspicious “fruit” representing wishes for abundance, prosperity, and a sweet life.

Celebrating life with good food, community, and our connections to each other is the heart of Lucky California. Our stores and our team members, both past and present, are honored to be a part of the Chinese New Year celebration.