How the Students from the Tenderloin Community School Celebrate the Lunar New Year

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The students from the Tenderloin Community School have been learning and celebrating how different cultures celebrate Lunar New Year. Over the course of the last three weeks, the students, lead by Vietnamese Language Teacher, Miss Pham, have been celebrating with lots of food, games, stories and thoughtful wishes to teachers, visitors, and classmates.

“We learned about the traditions of how the different Asian cultures celebrate their New Year and how they can be similar. We enjoyed the reading of “Tet rice cake” and “The Great Race” for story time provided by the Asian Art Museum storytellers. We also responded to reflective questions and got family day passes for in-person tours,” said Miss Pham.

Everyone was really excited and happy to celebrate alongside their teacher and classmates.  

Thank you, Tenderloin Community School for sharing your story with us!