“Maanmaansik” in the New Year

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Chinese New Year is a special time for families to come together and celebrate life and the good things to come.  What better way to do that than to sit together and share a meal of the freshest, most delicious foods?  Lucky California honors this tradition with their rabbit sculpture, Maanmaansik.

The cold weather welcomes the Chinese shared meal of “da been lo” (known in English as “hot pot”).  As guests enter homes during this season, the Chinese symbol “fuk” greets them as a sign of good fortune and well wishes.  It is placed upside-down so that the fortune is poured out. Once inside, everyone can partake in edible symbols of prosperity and abundance like mandarin oranges, fortune cookies and mooncakes. As the artist’s popo would say, “Maanmaansik”! Meaning savoring goodness.

Lucky Rabbit logo

Artist Bio: Alli Lowe

Alli Lowe has a special place in her heart for Chinese new year.  Along with fond memories of sharing meals and celebrating with family, she participated in the parade for over a decade.  Starting off as part of her high school’s marching unit, she later built parade floats for many of the celebrations.  Her love for physical and creative work led her to continue float building in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Parade.  She currently fabricates art for commercial spaces.