Cruise in the Community

CNY2023 Story Asset
CNY2023 Story Asset

At Cruise, we’re excited to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in our hometown of San Francisco. For some, the rabbit represents hope, and we feel hopeful that the coming year will bring a more sustainable, equitable transportation future for our community. As an all-electric, autonomous vehicle (AV) company, our promise to deliver equitable transportation is our contribution to a better future.

When the pandemic hit and food insecurity skyrocketed, it became clear that our business could make an immediate impact. We knew we could leverage our product for good and serve our local communities where and when they need it most, which is why we created our social impact program, Cruise for Good. 

In 2022, Cruise was proud to continue our partnerships with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank (SFMFB) and SF New Deal to deliver meals to those in need in our hometown with our all-electric fleet of autonomous vehicles. Many of these deliveries also support local restaurants run by small business owners. More than 80% are distributed to households in San Francisco zip codes below the poverty line.

What initially started as a crisis response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 is now a long-term effort that is reimaging how critical services are delivered, and strengthening the local ecosystem of nonprofits, small businesses, and volunteers working to help the San Francisco community. 

Through these partnerships, our all-electric, self-driving vehicles have delivered more than 2.3 million meals (and counting!) to San Franciscans in need. Today, we continue to partner with these leading organizations as food insecurity continues to be a daily concern for many of our neighbors.

We’re excited to explore the different ways in which our vehicles can make a difference, and we’re glad to be working with local partners to serve the urgent needs of our communities today and into the future. Cruise for Good represents the best of what our advanced technology is capable of — helping our neighbors in San Francisco, especially people and small businesses underserved by the limitations of transportation today, all without polluting our air.

As we celebrate the Year of the Rabbit and reflect on the opportunities ahead going into the new year, Cruise is committed to supporting our neighbors and ensuring we have a positive impact in our city as we shape our future, together. To learn more or engage with us, visit our website, or reach out anytime at