Supporting Your Chinese New Year Celebration

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GettyImages 545286388

Chinese New Year provides people with all levels of cooking skills a seasonal opportunity to create simple traditional meals in your own kitchen. From quicker
options like fried rice or stir-fried vegetables, to slightly more intricate dishes like
Chinese pork dumplings, you can be assured that Lucky has the freshest
ingredients and easy to follow recipes that will help you celebrate this holiday.

Another way Lucky can support your Chinese New Year celebration is with
ingredients to help create foods to match the different tastes of your family and
friends. Foods like sweet rice balls and lion’s head meatballs are symbols of
unity and family togetherness. Longevity noodles are a symbol of longer life, and
shrimp is said to bring happiness. Prosperity and wealth can be discovered while
enjoying fish, dumplings, spring rolls and Chinese New Year cake. Lucky has all
the ingredients needed to help your favorite Chinese New Year dishes come to

And you will never be stuck for a traditional food idea because the Lucky website
has thousands of easily searchable recipe solutions. From Asian beef and
to spicy ginger shrimp, you will never be stuck again.

As a sponsor of San Francisco’s Chinese New Year, Lucky and all of our
employees are proud to once again represent our community in this joyous