Zodiac on Parade: A Call for Artists – CLOSED

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Zodiac on Parade is a public art project started in 2021 to celebrate the Year of the Ox. What began as an alternative celebration has become a part of our annual Chinese New Year Festival & Parade celebration in San Francisco. Highlighting local artists, statues were displayed all over the city to enable the public to celebrate the new year safely. 

Check out the past projects here:

Ox on Parade (2021) #oxonparade
Tiger on Parade (2022) #tigeronparade
Rabbit on Parade (2023) #rabbitonparade

In its fourth year for the Year of the Dragon, we are seeking new artists to contribute to this new tradition. Want a chance for your design to be used for one of this year’s Dragon statues? Here’s how:

  1. Download the template and implement your artwork 
  2. Submit your artwork along with the following information:
    • Signed Waiver
    • Headshot/photo of yourself
    • Bio – doesn’t need to be long, maybe 5-7 sentences
    • The inspiration behind your design and additional details that may be interesting to the public (symbols/emblems that have special meaning, etc)
    • Your social media handles we can use to tag you
  3. Email your submission (artwork and the above mentioned information) to – ZodiacOnParade@chineseparade.com – by October 11, 2023. 

Thanks for your interest!