Media Credential Request for 2023 Alaska Airlines Chinese New Year Parade

Saturday, February 4th, 2023

Thank you for your interest in covering the 2023 Alaska Airlines Chinese New Year Parade. Members of the press who wish to take photos or video at one of our designated Press Zones, must agree to adhere to our rules and complete the following form. 

Our parade has 5 Press Zones located along the parade route within the barricaded parade route section. 

Zone 1 – 3rd & Market St.
Zone 2 – Post St. (b/w Grant & Kearny)
Zone 3 – Kearny St. and California
Zone 4 – Kearny St. and Sacramento
Zone 5 – Kearny St. (b/w Washington & Jackson)


  • If granted, Chinese New Year Parade Press Passes are non-transferrable, passes will be checked on arrival to ensure it matches with the person who registered.
  • You must display your Chinese New Year Parade Press Pass visibly at all times within the Parade route and press zones.
  • Press Pass invitees may not leave their designated zones to take photos or videos anywhere else except your designated press zone area. There is no roaming along the parade route.
  • Comply with directions given by parade staff (Managers, Marshalls, Monitors) at all times during the parade.
  • Union Square is reserved for televised broadcast ONLY!, and is OFF LIMITS to press pass invitees.

You will be immediately removed for violations of these rules and you will be subject to a 3 year ban from being able to request a Chinese New Year Parade Press Pass.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco will inform you whether your request has been granted and where to pick up your press badge (this is different from your organization’s press credentials). If there are multiple members your organization will be sending, please submit a form for each member.