Honorary Marshal: Shannon Lee


We’re excited to announce Shannon Lee as our Honorary Marshal in this year’s Parade.

Shannon Lee is the CEO and Owner of the Bruce Lee Family Companies and Chair of the Bruce Lee Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that motivates individuals around the world to become the best version of themselves through a number of educational and social initiatives. Shannon carries out her mission building bridges that create heartfelt connection and healing support for people, communities and cultures by providing access to the philosophy and life of her father, the legendary martial artist, actor, and cultural icon, Bruce Lee and expressing it through the One Family Initiative, museum exhibits, a scholarship at Seattle Central College, and Camp Bruce Lee, a summer program for kids to encounter Bruce Lee’s mind, body and spirit practices. 

Through education and entertainment, Shannon focuses on being a cause of healing and unity in the world, using her platform to uphold her father’s legacy and way of thinking. Along with appearing and speaking at TED, TEDx, Creative Mornings and other forums and panels, Shannon serves as the host of the Bruce Lee Podcast, executive producer of HBOMax’s critically acclaimed TV series, Warrior, based on her father’s creative storytelling, and technical advisor for three online and physical exhibitions worldwide that share Bruce Lee’s incredible influence across generations and diverse communities—including We Are Bruce Lee, opening in April 2022 at the Chinese Historical Society of America. 

We Are Bruce Lee is a heartwarming homecoming exhibit of the Chinese American athlete, visionary, and philosopher born in 1940 in San Francisco Chinatown. This interactive multimedia experience will showcase the vision and values of a celebrated figure who transcended race, geography, and culture through uncanny resilience and strength. 

In October 2020, Shannon released her first book, Be Water, My Friend, which focuses on her father’s body of work as a philosopher, demonstrates how martial arts are a perfect metaphor for personal growth, and shows how we can practice those philosophical teachings every day. Be Water, My Friend offers insight on applying her father’s practices and philosophies toward a more fluid, peaceful and fulfilling life while realizing your potential through self-actualizing—a combination of discovering one’s self, knowing yourself and then working to improve yourself to become the best, most whole, most alive version of yourself that you can be. 

Currently, Shannon lives in California with her daughter, Wren, and is thrilled to return to her father’s birthplace to make her San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade debut as Honorary Marshal. 

Come out this Saturday, February 19th to see Shannon, along with our Grand Marshal, Daniel Wu, and take in the sights and sounds of the Chinese New Year Parade as we Roar back in the Year of the Tiger.