When is the Chinese New Year Parade?

The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade, celebrating the Year of the Dragon, will be on Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 5:00 PM, stepping off at Second and Market Streets. It is a free event for all to attend but tickets must be purchased to sit in the bleacher sections.

What is the Parade Route?

The parade starts off at 2nd and Market Streets, goes around Union Square and ends at Kearny Street & Columbus Ave. The distance of the parade route is approximately 1.3 miles. The parade is a free event for all to attend and you may stand anywhere on the parade route, behind the barricades, to watch the parade. The following map also shows the location of crossing points through the parade route. These areas can be used to safely cross the parade route but must be kept clear for emergency personnel. Please do not stand in these areas to watch the parade. In order to maintain the flow of the parade, Local law enforcement and parade personnel will instruct guests when it will be safe to cross over. Please follow their instructions. If you have purchased a bleacher ticket, and we highly recommend you do, the following map also shows the locations of your bleacher areas.

Parade Map Bleachers2 1
Bleachers 2
Bleachers 3

How can one participate in the Chinese New Year Parade?

If your organization is interested in participating in the parade, please read the rules and regulations and fill out the parade application posted here.

Where is the best place to view the parade and what time should we arrive?

The entire parade route is an excellent place to view the parade but it does get more crowded as you get closer to Chinatown. If you purchased bleacher tickets, we recommend you be seated at your assigned section by 4:00 PM.

Where are the Wheelchair and Accessible Seating locations?

There will be designated wheelchair parking within the bleacher seat areas. The person in the wheelchair does not require a ticket but attendant(s) accompanying persons in wheelchair must purchase a Bleacher Seat ticket and will need to sit in the designated bleacher seat areas.

How do I purchase bleacher seats?

We have partnered with Eventbrite to provide digital tickets to our attendees. The cost ranges from $41 – $70 per ticket. Tickets will be e-mailed to you or available within your Eventbrite App for your mobile device (All ticket sales are final and are non-refundable).

You can purchase tickets on the Purchase Bleacher Tickets page.

Do I need to purchase a bleacher ticket for my child?

Children 2 and under are free but must be accompanied by an adult bleacher ticket holder.

Where are the Bleachers located?

Section A is located at Kearny Street (between Washington & Jackson Streets)
Section B is located at Kearny Street (between California & Sacramento Streets)
Section C is located at Post St. (between Grant Ave and Kearny Streets)
Section E is located at Geary St (between Stockton and Powell Streets)

Every bleacher ticket will have an assigned location and you may sit anywhere you like in your assigned location. Due to the early street closures by law enforcement and the crowds which build up, please try to be in your seats by 4:00 pm.

Important: Your receipt will not permit you to sit in the bleachers, you must present your Eventbrite ticket at a Check-In station and you will be given a badge to display while you sit within the bleacher areas.

What items are prohibited at the parade?

This is a public event and we ask that you obey all local laws and regulations in regards to items that cannot be brought in public, e.g. no weapons, firearms, explosives, drones, etc. In consideration of others. we also ask that no coolers, pets, selfie-sticks, or camera tripods are allowed in the bleacher sections.

Is the parade going to be cancelled if it rains? How long is the parade?

No, the parade will not be cancelled if it rains and the parade is approximately 2-1/2 hours.

What is the best way to get to the parade?

We strongly suggest everyone take public transportation. For more details on transportation options, click here.

Where are the portable restrooms?

Portables will be placed throughout the parade route typically close to the bleacher areas.

What if I have more questions?

For further questions, please contact the Parade Office @ (415) 889-8823 or info@chineseparade.com