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Chinatown Media & Arts Collaborative (CMAC) is proud to present its inaugural event, Neon Was Never Brighter, a neighborhood-wide celebration of the art and culture of San Francisco’s Chinatown. Offering a  glimpse into the future of an historic neighborhood on April 30, 2022, multiple blocks will entice visitors with artistic expressions following the theme of Chinatown personified. As a testament to the neighborhood’s longevity and posterity, Neon Was Never Brighter seeks to explore the lifeblood of Chinatown, harnessing the power of art and culture to advance the social and economic recovery of the neighborhood, as well as the shaping of a more inclusive and just society.

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Neon Was Never Brighter is the inaugural event in CMAC’s multi-year slate of arts, media, and cultural programming in Chinatown, culminating in the Spring 2025 opening of Edge on the Square, the region’s first permanent Asian Pacific Islander contemporary art and media hub. CMAC envisions Edge on the Square as a transformative addition to the neighborhood, both complementing the area’s legacy restaurants and businesses, and spurring local economic development. 

CMAC’s founding partners include Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation, Center for Asian American Media, Chinatown Community Development Center, Chinese Culture Center & Foundation of San Francisco, Chinese for Affirmative Action, and the Chinese Historical Society of America. 

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