A Tide of New Beginnings

logo Tiger Whole Foods

The Lunar New Year is a celebration welcoming the coming of spring and new beginnings. As we bid farewell to the hardworking Ox, we take with us the wisdom it taught us as we look forward with a renewed sense of hope. Drawing from the Tiger’s strength and courage, we will strive to grow and flourish together for a prosperous new year. Whole Foods Market captures this spirit of new beginnings in their Horizon Tiger.

logo Tiger Whole Foods

The Horizon Tiger looks forth calm and confident. Its color is radiant from a warm, sunny glow in the head, to the calming blue towards its feet sends the message of springtime – light, beauty, harmony, and rebirth. The clear water is alive with goldfish and lotus flowers, both symbols of good luck and abundance in the Chinese tradition.  The schools of fish also represent community and family. The tiger legs are decorated in the graphic depiction of waves found in both traditional and contemporary Chinese art and decor, signifying waves of prosperity.


Artist Bio:  Stephanie Mufson

Steph Mufson graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts in 2003 from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has spent more than 15 years in the arts and entertainment industries as an Artist, Designer, Fabricator, Float Builder, and occasional Entertainer working in California’s beautiful Bay Area.

Specializing in bringing big ideas to life with attention to the smallest details, Steph loves to work in a variety of mediums and leads teams of skilled artisans to add high-impact visual elements to parades, events, and high-profile spaces for corporate and private clients throughout northern California and beyond.