Roaring and Soaring in the Year of the Water Tiger

logo Tiger Alaska Airlines

This Chinese New Year we are roaring back in the Year of the Tiger.  This year’s Tiger is influenced by the water element which brings calm and clarity. Water Tigers are open-minded and have a passion for new ideas, experiences, and adventure, all of which encapsulate our newest partner, Alaska Airlines. We’re excited to be roaring and soaring with them as we seek to explore new heights in the Year of the Tiger.

logo Tiger Alaska Airlines

The Voyager blurs the relationship between nature and machines. The design features plum blossoms and bamboo, expressed in the traditional Chinese ink painting style. The bamboo symbolizes longevity and peace while the plum blossoms, which are the first to bloom in the season, not only symbolize bravery and hope but the five petals represent peace, happiness, smoothness, longevity, and luck. The clouds on the back and legs of the tiger signify good omens. The printed circuit boards connect the natural meridians and blood vessels that form the main part of the tiger’s body to represent travel and connection. The two large “chips” located in the heart and abdomen suggest the love of family.


Yiyang (Vito) Deng was born in Wuhan, China. Both of his parents worked as basic art educators in Wuhan for many years. When Yiyang was in elementary school, he followed his parents and moved to China’s new international city, Shenzhen. In this multicultural city, he studied photography and traditional Chinese ink painting with his father. He also began his formal art education in high school, during which he was exposed to and mastered drawing tools such as pencil, charcoal, gouache, acrylic, and oil, and built a strong foundation in art. This is Yiyang’s third year of study at the California College of Arts.