AARP Shares the Love


This Ox statue, by artist Monique Zhang, represents our celebration and commitment to the 50 plus community.

Family reunion is the heart of the Chinese New Year celebration. It’s a time when families get together to honor the old and welcome the new, through traditions big and small passed on from generation to generation. Although this year will look different, it doesn’t have to feel different. AARP wants to reflect this message in their xOXo Ox, reminding us all to send the love and share the traditions in this new year.


The xOXo Ox represents the vigor and vitality of the elders in our community. In the position of strength, the Ox stands proud in colorful textures to represent the silk fabrics of the traditional Chinese attire. The various colors overlap to symbolize the coming together of family. The intricate design in the front signifies the wisdom of the ancestors and the older generation. As the design progresses back, the colors and textures are simplified to represent the younger generation. The heart motif throughout symbolizes shared roots, history, love, and family connections. On the body of the Ox, there are four calligraphy symbols representing joy, age, vigor, and strength, to depict a “joyful silver hair(ed) life with vigor.”

AARP is committed to empowering people to choose how they live as they age. To continue this work, they have chosen to support Self-Help for the Elderly, a non-profit organization that promotes the independence, well-being, and dignity for older adults through culturally aligned services, with the proceeds of this Ox.


Artist Bio: Monique Zhang

Monique is an artist, fashion designer, and culture producer, and recognized community leader who builds artistic projects which serve the Bay Area community. An immigrant from Taiwan, Monique’s ancestral roots are from Shanghai. She grew up in her mother’s kindergarten art school. Her passion to pursue ballet and folk dance and her academic achievements at home brought her to the US for graduate study.

Monique loves traveling and building cultural connections and businesses in the US and Asia. With her unique publishing style on art, fashion, design, and lifestyle, the public often views her role as an ambassador for Asian Culture. Monique has thus joined the various organizations to offer her leadership on cultural value and the arts and has founded two culture exchange platforms: Chinatown Int’l Fashion Week and Jade Week San Francisco.

Learn more about the Ox on Parade and don’t forget to enter our photo contest. From February 3 – March 14, snap a picture of you and the Ox, tag us @chineseparade, and use the hashtag #oxonparade. It’s that simple! See official rules here.