Year of the Ox on Parade

When one door closes, a window opens. Understanding that this year’s celebration would look different, we knew we had to think outside of the box and create a new element to our celebration to satiate the public’s desire to get out and experience something safely.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco is excited to debut, The Year of the Ox on Parade. A tradition in the making, 11 life-sized Oxen will be publicly displayed across San Francisco to help ring in the new year of the Ox. Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to work with local artists to design each Ox to reflect upon the Chinese culture, people, and traditions. After our celebration, each Ox will be auctioned off to benefit our local Chinatown non-profit organizations.

Click on the image below to learn more about the Oxen, the artists, and the inspiration behind each design.

Find our Ox Sculptures:

Ox on Parade Map

Click on an Ox on the map to reveal more details about its location.

Ox on Parade Map
1. Tea Time2. Unity3. Happy Year of the xOXo4. Homage to Chinatown5. Lucky Feast6. Celebrate Diversity7. New Hope8. Modern Tech Bull9. Auspicious Ox10. Ancient Technology11. Golden Ox

1. Tea Time

SWA Tea Timev2

Oakland International Airport

Terminal 2
Gate 24


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In Partnership with Southwest

2. Unity

WF Unity


San Francisco Union Square


Featured Story



Sponsored by Wells Fargo

3. Happy Year of the xOXo



San Francisco Civic Center


Featured Story



Sponsored by AARP

4. Homage to Chinatown

BofA Homage to Chinatown2


Sacramento Plaza (Embarcadero 4)


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Sponsored by Bank of America

5. Lucky Feast

Lucky California Lucky Feast


Lucky Supermarket


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Sponsored by Lucky California

6. Celebrate Diversity



Chinese Hospital


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Sponsored by PG&E

7. New Hope

Comcast New Hope


Portsmouth Square, Chinatown


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Sponsored by Comcast

8. Modern Tech Bull

Cruise Modern Tech Bull2


Stonestown Galleria


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Sponsored by Cruise

9. Auspicious Ox


San Francisco International Airport

Mayor Edwin M. Lee Departures Lobby
International Terminal
Special Exhibition
Departures – Level 3


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Sponsored by ICBC

10. Ancient Technology

Salesforce Ancient Tech


Salesforce Plaza


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Sponsored by Salesforce

11. Golden Ox





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Sponsored by Chinese Chamber of Commerce

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Want to plan your route to visit to see all the Oxen? View all of the locations at once in Google Maps here.

The Oxen will be on parade from February 3 – March 14. We hope you’ll be able to stop by and check out each unique Ox. Snap a selfie with the Ox and share your experience via social media. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @chineseparade and use the hashtag #oxonparade to enter our photo contest. See official rules here.

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