Salesforce Honors the Past in a Modern Way

Salesforce Ancient Tech

A component of the Lunar New Year holiday is paying respects to not only our elders but all of those that came before us. As we look back on the history of our people, we marvel at the trailblazers. The hard work, dedication, and innovation that took place so long ago paved the path for all that we have today. Salesforce wanted to honor the past in a fresh and modern way with their Ancient Technology Ox.


Artist Bio: Stephanie Mufson

It has been my great honor to create art for the floats for San Francisco’s parades for the past 12 years and my even greater honor to have been put at the helm for the last 7. While the pressure is great, and the stress level is high there is nothing more gratifying than seeing the excitement and joy on people’s faces when they see our work. Working with a team of creative minds all focused on one goal: creating beauty for our community to enjoy- there is nothing I would rather do.

The Ox project is a really exciting opportunity to take what we do and apply it in new and interesting ways. We normally create a lot of work that ends up being discarded or recycled after an event, so it feels great to be working with sponsors and our team to create something that can be enjoyed for weeks, and (depending on their final home) possibly months or even years.

Making beautiful things to make people smile is my calling and it is always a pleasure and an honor, in whatever form that takes.

Learn more about the Ox on Parade and don’t forget to enter our photo contest. From February 3 – March 14, snap a picture of you and the Ox, tag us @chineseparade, and use the hashtag #oxonparade. It’s that simple! See official rules here.